By Erin O’Neill

TV Girl, an American indie pop band, is currently on their 6 ½ year anniversary tour for their debut album: “French Exit”. They are performing across the country and through Europe with Jordana, a 21 year old artist from New York City. According to the band, they have been working with Jordana for the past several months, while on tour, creating the 7 track EP titled: “Summer’s Over”, which was released on October 13th, 2021. 

The EP fits in with most of TV Girl’s releases by following a very chill yet funky indie pop vibe. It starts off with “Summer’s Over”, a very jumpy song led by Jordana’s vocals and some layered guitar riffs in the background. Her voice has a very soothing feel as it echoes through your ears with her intense use of vocal layering. The song then transitions into “Lo on the Hi-Way” which has a very western-tropical feel. This song will make you feel like you’re sitting on a beach in California observing the surfers and sunbathers. 

For any TV Girl fans, you might feel some familiarity when listening to “Jump the Turnstile”. With the use of multiple layered samples, “Jump the Turnstile” might remind you a lot of their album “French Exit”. This song is one of the more jumpy tracks on the EP giving a very NYC pop-clubbing vibe.

Next is “Sweet to Dream” which is a very dreamy and soft track (hence the name) as Jordana sings very hazily over soft keyboard and xylophone loops. This track will definitely make you feel like you’re floating through space on some type of cotton candy cloud. 

It isn’t until track five, titled: “Ordinary Day” where we hear the iconic voice of Brad Petering (the lead singer of TV Girl). Him and Jordana beautifully layer their voices over xylophone samples and soft background vocals as they sing about having “just an ordinary day”. This track then transitions into “Better in the Dark”, a more fast, upbeat song. The echoing drums and fast guitar riffs make for a very happy feel, making you want to bob your head with a smile on your face. 

Brad jumps back in to lead vocals in the EP’s last track: “The Party’s Not Over”. This song also jumps back into the slow-western feel with the slow piano accompaniment and chill lyrics. 

TV Girl’s use of old samples and symph layering always amazes. The addition of Jordana’s melodic voice in this EP makes it much more euphoric and dreamy than their previous releases. I highly recommend listening to this EP along with their other albums, and if you ever get the chance, you should definitely see them perform live. 

Rating: 9/10

Best tracks: Jump The Turnstile, Sweet to Dream, Better In the Dark