Bicycle Talk Episode 253: July 5th,  2021: Ron’s Rant.  TDF rest day. Wow did we need this. Average weight of America’s full sided cars and trucks. On a positive side: A bump in the road update. Ron keeps listeners up to date on his condition. The boom box parade in Willimantic

Next weekend. My first FTF Fondo! Welcome to New Paltz! The Maintenance Minute:That pesky rear derailleur and its quirks. What to know about cables.   Content: Anyone watching the TDF? What a week? What a weekend in the mountains. Who’s abandoning and who is on the edge. The rising young stars of cycling. As for Mark Cavendish. Who is Ben O’Connor? Leah Goldstein makes history by becoming first female cyclist to win Race Across America. Local events in the next few months, and finishing points.