Bicycle Talk Episode 252: June 28th,  2021: Ron’s Rant.  TDF Spectator catastrophe. A spectator sign takes out top riders in the first day of the TDF. Revisit Horrible event in Arizona. Driver still not charged.    On a positive side: A bump in the road update. Ron keeps listeners up to date on his condition. Day 2 WOW! Van der Poel takes Tour de France yellow jersey in honor of grandfather Raymond Poulidor. The Maintenance Minute: Gravel Bike tire pressures.   Content: Anyone watching the TDF?  Julianne Allaphilipe treats us all to a spectacular 1st day finish. Can you say went too early?  Van der Pol, Day  2. Tests his explosive talent on the first climb getting points and shows us all how a smart cyclist wins races. Ron talks about the Raymond Poulidor connection.  Woman who was holding the infamous sign still not found. TDF looking for a law suit. Arizona law will not charge driver of truck until he is released from hospital.  5 conclusions from La Course by Le Tour de France. REI will offer expanded women’s apparel sizes, and bikes for heavier riders. It’s Time to Rethink Racist Bike Laws. STUDY: New Bike Lanes Aren’t Associated With Displacement of BIPOC, Low-Income People.  Local events in the next few months, and finishing points.