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The Way Podcast
The Way Podcast 16) Existential Freeway

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This week we took a look at the philosophy of existentialism. In this episode, I sit down with philosopher Adam Godwin who discusses existential therapy, determinism, nihilism as well as other topics. Godwin holds a Masters in Philosophy and a Bachelor’s in psychology. He now teaches courses in Udemy.  

About The Author

Catch the show on FM 91.7 Wednesdays at 5. From a college perspective with an un-college like background listen to interviews involving those with unique backgrounds/knowledge that can only be found at a University, or a Hartford warehouse. Much like Death of a Salesman you don't need to be a celebrity to share an informed interesting take... you just need to be informed. (Studio is closed so expect infrequent clean radio episodes and explicit podcast only episodes)

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