On December 4, renowned British indie rock band, Arctic Monkeys, released the 20-track live album “Live at the Royal Albert Hall” with all proceeds being donated to War Child UK.

The lengthy 90-minute album showcased the entire night’s setlist, including new renditions of the band’s greatest hits, “Do I Wanna Know” and “R U Mine?”, fan favorites such as “505” and “I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor” and deep cuts like “Do Me a Favour” and “Pretty Visitors.” At least one song from each of the band’s six albums was included with the majority of the songs coming from their most recent 2018 album “Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino” and their most popular album “AM” released in 2013. 

Arctic Monkeys are known for their live performances and frontman Alex Turner’s awkward yet alluring stage presence. This album captured several of the Arctic Monkeys live show staples like the “Crying Lightning” guitar solo, the suspenseful six-minute version of “R U Mine?” and iconic one liners from Turner such as “don’t believe the hype” and “I’ve got just one question for you” as they lead into “R U Mine?”

Some of the best moments on the album are during the bridges of “505” and “Do Me a Favour.” Turner captivates the audience with slowed and stripped-down vocals before the full band explodes in with lively guitars and heavy drums to close out the songs. During each song on the album, the band builds upon the already strong studio version to create a remarkable listening experience. The only thing I thought the album needed was more bass guitar. Some of the most recognizable bass lines were mixed so low that you could barely hear them. 

The album was recorded on July 6, 2018 during a show of the “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino Tour.” The tour promoting their 2018 album included 86 shows spanning across 27 countries. This album is from the show at Royal Albert Hall, an iconic and beautiful, old building in Central London. Royal Albert Hall is a registered charity itself with the goal of promoting the arts and sciences while preserving the historical building many call home. The album cover features the unique ceiling of the hall.

All of the proceeds from the album are being donated to War Child UK, a nonprofit whose mission is to protect, educate and stand up for the rights of children caught up in war. They have helped children and families in Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and more. War Child strives to protect children in areas of conflict that have been separated from their families and help them prioritize their education while also advocating for various campaigns. Their most recent campaign aimed to raise awareness about the long lasting psychological impacts of conflict on children.

Rating: 9/10 

Best Live Renditions: “Do Me a Favour” and “R U Mine?” 

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