In the Middle of Somewhere
In the Middle of Somewhere
In The Middle of Somewhere Episode 2

In the Middle Of Somewhere Episode 2: In The Middle Of Imposter Syndrome with Fany Dejesus Hannon

With National First Generation Student Celebration Day happening on November 8th, I feel like it’s needed to talk about an issue that faces many college students today. I sit down with Fany Dejesus Hannon, the current Director of The Puerto Rican Latin American Cultural Center, to talk about the issue of imposter syndrome.

In 2016, the Univision Network in Hartford recognized Fany as one of ten individuals as “Nuestro Orgullo Hispano” for her contributions to the fast-growing Latinx Community at UConn and in the State of Connecticut. In her role as Director, she works to create an environment that is safe and welcoming to all students on campus.

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