Bicycle Talk Episode 217: October 5th 2020: Ron’s Rant. Having to hear from newbies in cycling about cyclists running red lights and stop signs. Why you never take your hands off the handlebars until after you cross the finish line. The race is not over until it’s over. On a positive side: Update on Chole Dygert, The Giro! Need I say more? No worries I will later in the show.  My (our) Farm to fork family. Fran comments: Update from airline trail north. Thank you Steve S. Friends of the Air Line Trail on Facebook  The Maintenance Minute:  Future bicycle rides and how to be able to participate in them without mechanical issues. Reflections from this past weekend.   Show Content: Let’s talk masks and group rides:  The Giro 2020!  Does Sagan need Giro wins to salvage his season?  Stage by stage discussion of the Giro de Italia 2020. Pedestrians in Arizona are more likely to be hit and killed than nearly any other state. Why?  Road design, I’ll say it again, deadly by design. Events and finishing points.