Bicycle Talk Episode 201:  Ron’s Rant: The Covid – 19 “opening of the gate”.  Cars and trucks with attitudes are back on the roads. Have you noticed? It is amazing how quickly we forget. U.S. Police Batter Black Lives Matter Protesters With Bicycles. On a positive side:   Black lives matters. The politics of bicycles and black lives.It was a powerful symbol of unity: The Maintenance Minute:  The rest stop dilemma on a long ride. Why is my favorite cafe still closed?  Jerseys, pockets and why. Do You Need a Cycling Jersey?  But I need a bathroom! Alternatives? Your best suggestions? How to pack your jersey pocket. Our suggestions. Content:  Bikes on the front lines. The good the bad and the ugly. Shout outs to Trek Bicycles and Fuji Bicycles. Why bicycles are a must-have for modern civil disobedience  What is it that makes the bicycle and the demonstration such good companions? Bicycle politics throughout history.  Bikes not Bombs shout out. Looters and bicycle shops. House draft transportation bill contains $6.3B for biking and walking infrastructure. More discussion next episode. Events. Steeplechase still on. Thread City Century is off.