Bicycle Talk Episode 199: Ron’s Rant: Nips on the side of the road and other garbage littering our landscape. Why do people throw their trash on the side of the road? On a positive side: May is Bike Month! Could the pandemic usher in a golden age of cycling? More discussion later in the show. Maintenance Minute: It’s reminder time. What’s that noise? Are you wheezing or is that your bike? Chain talk. The difference between talking and crying. What’s your favorite lube and why? Content: Could the pandemic usher in a golden age of cycling?  Lots of discussion about how cycling and attitudes toward cycling are changing all over the world. More information on Mavic. Ron Talks Chris Froome and the Tour De France. The Steeplechase bike Tour goes virtual with maybe a twist? Finishing Points:  2020 could be the year that cycling advocates and urban planners have been waiting for.