Ron and I are still recording in our state-of-the-art studio in the bustling metropolis of beautiful downtown Mansfield Hollow, CT, while simulcasting to the universe on @franstorchnd on Facebook Live. You can go to @franstorchnd which will take you to my Facebook page and you can watch the Facebook Live anytime, and comment on it too! Today I reminded people that they can use telehealth by phone or non-public-facing apps to have visits with their practitioners, whether naturopathic, M.D., counseling, and any other kind of practitioner, and insurance will likely cover it! The BIG thing I wanted to convey is how great it is for you to get outside. There are numerous studies on spending time outdoors and various health parameters. For example, being outdoors in nature lowers cortisol and therefore stress, lowers blood pressure, improves mood. Surprise! I speculate on the science behind why that might be.