Bicycle Talk Episode 193 April 13th 2020. Ron’s Rant of the week: Covid – 19 Enough already. Physical not social distancing! Positive Side: Tacoma Cyclist Mathew Fleming. Big tip of the cycling cap. Maintenance minute: The person cave (not just the “man cave” anymore). Time to organize those tools and that workspace so you can take better care of your bikes and and maybe your friend’s too. (please wipe down bike before working on it). Supporting your local Bike Shop. Content: Drop in traffic means cleaner streets not to mention air. How the pandemic  will reshape cities. Oakland CA opens 74 miles of street. Specialized, Santa Cruz and Saris contribute to the COVID-19 fight. Belgian-Dutch Study: Why in times of COVID-19 you should not walk/run/bike close behind each other. Looking to ride your favorite route indoors with your smart indoor trainer? During COVID-19, These Los Angeles Bike Shops Are a Lifeline to Their Communities. Finishing thoughts: 

So what will the world look like as the pandemic winds down?
Bikes: A major change is about to happen. This will be the next bike boom for the industry. Remember the gas crisis in the 70’s? 

Is the industry ready?
If you are a bicycle shop and are listening, are you ready?
Will people be avoiding the gym and work out outside instead? Is the infrastructure ready?
What will happen to public transportation as we know it?
Will people be tighter with their money and turn to bicycle?