Bicycle Talk Episode 189 March 11th 2020.  Ron’s Rant of the week: Covid – 19. Enough already! Everyone is canceling everything. Bicycle Races here and abroad, Bicycle events, and now there is even concern over this year’s Giro de Italia. If I hear Cornavirus one more time I am going to scream! On a positive side: CABDA East has decided that the show must go on and is opening today in NJ. CABDA did not give in to the big scare. Also a shout out to Uconn Men’s and Ladies Basketball teams. Maintenance Minute: Maintain you health and get out and ride your bike. I have no more. Content. Special guest from CCAP, Jed Kornbluh. Rod and Jed talk about the highly successful CCAP youth cycling program and other items including the Breakaway Event in early May of this year. Events: What is left of them.