d'Archive Episode 35: Scraping at the Past

This episode features a “best of the blog” commentary from UConn History Phd candidate and Archives student employee, Shaine Scarminach. Shaine has worked in the archives to unearth potential research topics and groupings of collections to make getting into the archives easier for students. His writing and research feature prominently on the Archives Blog and in this episode we discuss his personal favorites.

Featured Blog Posts

The Lady Edith Society…and the Lengths Some Will Go To Save a Steam Locomotive

Resources in the Archives on the Central American Solidarity Movement of the 1980s

Instilling Catholic teaching into the Labor Movement: Reverend Joseph Donnelly and the Diocesan Labor Institute

A UConn Student visits Vietnam on Winter Break

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About The Author

Graham is an Archivist overseeing the Human Rights and Alternative Press Collections at the UConn Library, Archives & Special Collections. His work focuses on the archivist as activist and expanding access to archives for a diverse audience.

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