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Husky Nation News
Husky Nation News: Episode 40

This podcast is a digital archive of the WHUS News Team broadcast which airs on 91.7 FM once a week.

This episode aired on November 1, 2019.

For the news, we covered the town hall held by USG to propose new policies, President Thomas Katsouleas’s meeting with the African American Cultural Center to discuss the recent racial-related incidents on campus, and ITS providing a link in Student Admin that will allow all students to register to vote in the state of Connecticut.

Our featured news package this week covered the talk about mental health and addiction given by former Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy, produced by WHUS Correspondent Klaudia Sokolowski. 

News Director Kara Murray sat in the studio with us to talk about her love of baking, catchphrases, and astrology.

This episode was produced by Kara Murray and hosted by Ally Urban.

This podcast is in collaboration with The Daily Campus and UCTV at the University of Connecticut. Ethan Smith is the creator of our theme music.