Here are some new, FCC-approved tunes to play on your radio show this week! Find them on MegaSeg under the “New Spins” category.

1. (Sandy) Alex G – Hope; Southern Sky; Gretel
2. Caravan Palace – Miracle; Moonshine; Plume
3. Joyero – Dogs; Steepest Stairs; Salt Mine
4. Luke Temple – Don’t Call Me Windy; Wounded Brightness; Taking Chances
5. Metronomy – Salted Caramel Ice Cream; Lately; Walking In The Dark
6. Pixies – Catfish Kate; Silver Bullet; Long Rider
7. Salami Rose Joe Louis – Octagonal Room; Cumulous Potion; Earth Creature
8. Surf Curse – Disco; Midnight Cowboy; Dead Ringers
9. Twin Peaks – Dance Through It; Ferry Song; Oh Mama