Dear listener,

I joined WHUS Radio’s news department as a student journalist who knew nothing about audio editing or radio, not to mention that I hated my voice. As I approach my graduation date, I realize I am leaving WHUS Radio a reporter, a producer, and a strong, Hispanic news director ready to take on the world of broadcasting.

Though I still have plenty to learn, WHUS helped me realize the path I wish to take in journalism: a producer in the broadcasting field. I never expected to feel certain about a career path, and so I am grateful to WHUS for showing me the world I fell in love with.

However, in learning all that I could about broadcasting while at WHUS, I fell in love with something even more important in my eyes: the people.

My news department is not just a team of reporters. We are a family who supports one another in our projects, who laugh with each other during late night meetings, and who applaud each and every success. If it weren’t for the WHUS News Team, there would be no news department, and certainly no news director.

Though I could write pages and pages expressing my gratitude, I will keep it simple. Thank you, my WHUS news correspondents and Husky Nation News hosts, for building a department that produces content we can be proud of. A captain is nothing without his crew; a news director is nothing without her team.

I dedicate my final project for WHUS News to you.

Of course, thank you to all those who read, view, and listen to all of our content. The incoming news director, Kara Murray, will continue to bring you quality content. I am sure of it.

With all that said, join me as we rewind the tape and listen to the big events and stories that marked the Fall 2018 – Spring 2019 academic year.

For WHUS News,

I’m Daniela Doncel.

Edited by Daniela Doncel