d'Archive Episode 22: The Art Museum and the Archive

This episode features a conversation with Amanda Douberley, Academic Liaison and Assistant Curator at the William Benton Museum of Art at UConn, about the role of the museum and its comparative mission to that of the archives. Having worked collaboratively to produce exhibitions and programming between the Benton and UConn Archives, Amanda’s perspective on outreach and engagement with students and the public provides an important emphasis on the need to exercise ways of seeing. With an eye towards curation, art museums and archives face the challenges of preserving analog collections in a digital landscape where mediation between observer and object can hinder or reveal.

Featured Collections:

Alternative Press Collection

Ellen Emmet Rand Papers

University of Connecticut Photograph Collection

Featured Exhibitions:

The Business of Bodies: Ellen Emmet Rand

Face Off: Confronting Portraiture

Making the Movement Move: Photography, Student Activism and Civil Rights

What’s The Alternative: Art and Outrage of the 1960s Underground Press

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