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Husky Nation News
Husky Nation News: Episode 17

This podcast is a digital archive of the WHUS News Team broadcast which airs on 91.7 FM once a week.

This episode aired on February 1, 2019.

For the news, we covered Quinnipiac University’s community radio station closing down, STEM graduates possibly qualifying for up to $2,500 in personal income tax credit in the state, a defamation case involving UConn’s director of animal care services, an investigation into UConn’s marching band director for sexual-related comments, and the country’s government shutdown and its effect on UConn students.

Susan Naseri, the president of the fairly new Middle Eastern Student Association, joined us in the studio to talk about the association’s effort to launch a new cultural center and middle eastern cultural in the United States.

This episode was hosted by Sarah Al-Arshani and produced by Daniela Doncel.

This podcast is in collaboration with The Daily Campus and UCTV at the University of Connecticut. Ethan Smith is the creator of our theme music.