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Husky Nation News: Episode 13 The UConn News Network

This podcast is a digital archive of the WHUS News Team broadcast which airs on 91.7 FM once a week.

This episode aired on November 23, 2018.

The episode is a special edition of the show called The UConn News Network. It features an engaging conversation between The Daily Campus News Editor Marlese Lessing, UCTV News Director Lianne Zana, and WHUS News Director Daniela Doncel. These three women discuss the life of a student leader and what it is like to run a student newsroom, on top of being a college student.

Marlese Lessing (Left), Lianne Zana (Middle), and Daniela Doncel (Right) pose for a photo in the WHUS Big Room after the recording of their conversation on November 9, 2018. Photo by Neel Razdan.

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This podcast is in collaboration with The Daily Campus and UCTV at the University of Connecticut. Ethan Smith is the creator of our theme music.