Bicycle Talk Episode 104

Bicycle Talk: June 20th 2018

Ron’s Rant: People in fear of riding their bikes on the road. What can we do about it? Are you one of those?   Positive side: Co-Host Fran is out on the cape riding her bike. Plymouth to Provincetown! NERAC Earth 7 lakes ride this weekend.  Maintenance minute: How to wash your bike like a pro mechanic. Major Taylor, one of the most important early figures in US Cycling and the fact that he was a black cyclist in a white world. Tariff’s  recently proposed from the Trump administration and their effect on bicycle products like e-bikes and GPS units. How to stay fit after 40. The ever expanding Charter Oak Greenway. Bicycle racing and the US Pro Road, ITT, and Criterium championships. Tour de Suisse 2018. Picks for this year’s Tour de France. The constant talk about Chris Froome and the Vuelta investigation.