Bicycle Talk Episode 102

Bicycle Talk: June 6th 2018

Ron’s Rant: From listener Mike from Eastford. Rumble Strips! Are they helping or hurting us? Positive side: Shout out to Quiet Corner NEMBA for a great event on trails day. Maintenance minute: Time to check that chain and cassette. How many miles until you replace parts of your drive train. Ron reaches out to listener Tiffany who had a comment on episode 97 about a rant that he had on a women cyclist who blasted by him and did not say hi. Tiffany commented that the way Ron handled it was inappropriate to a woman and Ron agreed and apologized for the way it was handled. Thanks to Tiffany to create awareness to the situation. Food for thought. What’s in your back pocket? Ron and Fran talk natural real food nutrition. Wethersfield Bike Swap. Ron talks Chris Froome and his amazing performance. Ron talks about wattage.