‘Femme Noire’ Fashion Show Highlights Strength of Black Woman

By Amar Batra

“Femme Noire”

That was the name of the fashion show held by the University of Connecticut Black Student Association (BSA) in the Student Union Ballroom on Saturday, April 23, 2018. “Femme Noire” translates to black woman and that was the theme of the night. At their 25th anniversary fashion show, the BSA created a show that showed off the power and grace of the black woman. Through voice segments throughout the show, the BSA showcased the struggles that black women have gone though and how they have persevered.

The night consisted of work created by local, black designers including Joe and Flight Vintage. In keeping with the theme, all of the models were black female UConn students who were a part of the BSA. The evening was a part of Spring Weekend activities.