Annual UConn Car Show at Rentschler Field

By Conor J. Merchant

The annual UConn car show took place this past weekend April 15, at Rentschler field. The show was organized by the UConn Car Club and is considered to be one of the largest automotive enthusiast gatherings in Connecticut. Over 400 vehicles attended the show, drawing in a variety of viewers from young families to elder generations of admirers.

The event lasted from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., a full day of motors revving and lively conversation. As I entered the stadium, I followed a long line of tuner cars, heavy exhaust rumbling filled the air. Gas stations were filled at every opening, knocking bass rolled down the street. Police lined the perimeter, docile but supportive to the event. Although the day was cold and windy with a temperature around 30 degrees, there was a large turnout. Fried doe, hot dog and nachos concessions were available at the event.

This event is highly anticipated in the New England automotive community and has been growing each year. It is completely free to attend.