Ron was away at an interview, so Fran filled in for Bicycle Talk. This is Fran’s entry to the episode: Fran interviewed the INSANELY AWESOME Amber Pierce, who is our friendly local world renowned professional bicycle racer! She dropped some knowledge and some sage advice. It was SO AWESOME, I can’t even. She talked about currently racing for Mavic and Cannondale. She is also active in Bike Mansfield, a local bicycle advocacy organization. She is working with the Network for Advancing Athletes, an organization to advance women in cycling. She is helping with Connecticut Cycling Advancement Program, which supports kids getting into cycling, and has teams connected with schools and separate, for all sorts of cycling disciplines! She’s also working with Homestretch, a foundation that supports professional and aspiring elite women cyclists to train in the warm, with free housing, medical, dental, PT and services. OMG. AND, we talked about periodicity and the importance of REST in training, how you integrate the benefits of your training during times of rest during the workout, during days off in the week, during weeks off in the season, and during months off too!