We talked about a good recipe for SAAG PANEER, which Ron made, an easy way to make it, and why it’s so good for you. My favorite Indian dish! Because spinach is a vegetable that is thought to be higher in iron, we talked about hemochromatosis, iron storage disorder, and how to diagnose and treat it. Then I looked it up and found that per cup, kale actually has a bit more iron than spinach, and dandelion greens twice as much! It seems like for mineral content. dandelion greens are way up there. Now I know. So when they have them at the store, or when they’re young and fresh in a clean part of the field, EAT ‘EM!

Meanwhile, protein powders. We started with the not-vegan ones, and whey and micellar casein are really great for building muscle and supporting immunity. We also talked about the benefits of a few others, such as beef, bovine serum albumin, and bone broth. THEN on to VEGAN! Of the vegans, my personal favorite is yellow pea, because if its diverse amino acids, taste, low allergenicity, and support to the kidneys. But there’s also rice, mixed grain protein, and hemp, all good choices; pick your favorite! Also GREEN POWDERS. I like the ones that mix greens, superfruits, chia and flax, and probiotic. We also talked about why liquid fish oil is better than caps, and why gummy supplements are NOT SO GREAT: sugar, and low yields of the nutrients you’re trying to get!