Today, Ron gives kudos to everyone doing wonderful work to support various charities with bike rides. This weekend I rode on a Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund training ride, and Ron shouted out to the numerous organizations doing good things for health research. We ranted about The Oreo Maneuver, when two cookies, a bicycle on one side of the rode and an oncoming car on the other, are greeted by the creamy center, someone who is just too impatient to wait for the oncoming car to pass and passes in between the cyclist and oncoming car. Not only dangerous, but illegal! DON’T BE THE CREAMY CENTER! But the BIG news is that now Oregon is taxing BICYCLE SALES of $200+ to create bicycle infrastructure. It’s a poor tax, I tell you! Why don’t they tax CARS based on weight, which are responsible for damaging the roads, and not bikes which don’t at all?