The bell has rung and Andrew Foster and Gabe Foster are back on week 5 here to give you the latest in all things wrasslin’!TODAY’S EPISODE:Recorded on 4/20/17. HAPPY 4/20 RVD Day! Andrew and Gabe share their reviews on the RAW and SmackDown! LIVE They talk about who is winning right now with the new superstars on each show and which brand is thriving at the moment. They also discuss what is going on in wrestling news and rumors.


  • One of a Kind by Breaking Point
  • Catch Your Breathe by CFO$

About The Author

Gabe Foster is a long-time fan of Professional Wrestling. His love for it sparked at a young age watching it with his older brother Andrew Foster. He takes up all of his free time watching wrestling, playing video games on his live streams on Twitch, and studying of course!

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