A conversation with UConn professors Shareen Hertel and Kathy Libal on their work, education, and thoughts regarding human rights.

Candlelight is a podcast highlighting human rights in the United States via the experiences and career paths of those interviewed.

For more information on Prof. Hertel:

  • http://humanrights.uconn.edu/faculty_staff/shareen-hertel/
  • http://polisci.uconn.edu/person/shareen-hertel/

For more information on Prof. Libal:

  • http://ssw.uconn.edu/kathryn-libal-ph-d/
  • http://humanrights.uconn.edu/faculty_staff/kathryn-libal/


You can subscribe on iTunes here:

  • https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/candlelight/id1153067651


  • Prof. Shareen Hertel
  • Prof. Kathryn (Kathy) Libal


  • Nihilore -As Nihilism Gives Way to Existentialism
  • Nihilore- Moonlit Skyline

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