furnsss is a 4 piece (although they are often changing up their members during live shows) from Connecticut. With a fuzz pop sound, these boys have been putting out awesome music since 2012. After the release of the 2015 album “New Moves” they have been recognized on music blogs all over, also landing a set at CMJ’s Music Marathon in New York City back in October. For more on furnsss, check out their BandCamp and Facebook.


Onna: When did you all start playing together, and how has your music evolved from then?

furnsss: We started playing in 2007 together as a 4 piece. 2 sets of brothers – the Nyes and the Dyers. we played like that up until 2014 when we added Jeremy (Stern). Drew (Dyer) left for Colorado in August of 2014, and the band was a 4 piece again with me, the Nyes and Jeremy. Now with Jeremy and Nathan away at school, and Drew in Colorado temporarily, our lineup has been very free flowing – you probably won’t catch the same members at shows. Our latest addition is Tom (Nagy) to the bass, and our friend Evan (House) plays drums sometimes too. If you listen to our first LP that came out in 2012 and then our latest EP that came out this past August I think you can hear a pretty big difference.


Onna: Tell us a little bit about the songwriting process for you.

furnsss: personally I usually demo out a whole song and play all the instruments. I don’t write lyrics, typically they come stream of consciousness. Jeremy usually records a demo on the acoustic guitar or piano and sends me it and I try to work with it, then we meet up with the whole band and we all try to add in our own flavor.

Onna: I know you tour with my lovely Bread Pilot friends, what’s your favorite part about being on tour?

furnsss: My favorite part of being on tour is getting to explore new areas. I had a lot of fun this Summer playing music in some beautiful places. You see a lot of awesome things while driving too, especially in the south. On top of that, it’s just a great feeling getting to play music every night for new faces and getting to strut your stuff!


Onna: What are your thoughts on the CT music scene? Any praises or critiques? Also, where is your favorite place to play?

furnsss: I really don’t like the Connecticut music scene. We avoided playing Connecticut for a few months until Fam’s Labyrinth opened in Mansfield. I love it there. it’s by far my favorite CT spot. Haus of Phibs in Bloomfield is awesome too.



Onna: You have to go to Mars and you must bring one artist or band with you. Who would that be and why?

furnsss: I think I would try to get Michael Jackson to come to Mars with me. I have been absolutely obsessed with him lately.