London Eyes were an absolute pleasure to have in the studio. As a three-piece from Danbury, Connecticut they mix Georgia Pimentel’s strong vocals with high energy melodies that make for songs that you can’t help but belt out. For more information on London Eyes, check out their Facebook.


Onna: Why did you pick your band name? How did you form?

Thomas: One day I was looking through Instagram and a girl I follow had posted a picture of the London Eye. I thought it was pretty cool and started to mess with that idea in my head. Eventually that led to the name London Eyes.

Georgia: In high school Tommy and I played talent shows and events with a

completely different lineup. The more we played, the more we saw who didn’t fit

and who wasn’t serious about the band. After going through multiple band

members and band names, we ended up as London Eyes. Ted always wanted to help us out as much as he could and eventually we needed a bassist so he went and bought a bass!


Onna: What do you think about online music sharing? What are your thoughts on giving music away for free?

London Eyes: Online music sharing is a controversial issue. Many people love it and many hate it. There isn’t much money to be made from it for the artist but for the consumer it’s a cheap and easy way to listen to any music that is out. Local bands can definitely benefit from online music sharing because often times people don’t want to buy music from someone they really haven’t heard of. Now if you have a Spotify or Apple Music account you can go and listen to the band’s music without having to directly pay for it. Local bands are always trying to be listened to by a wide variety of people and music sharing allows that to happen.


WHUS: What are your thoughts on the CT music scene?

London Eyes: Connecticut has some good bands coming out of it but it’s rare to see kids going out to a show these days, which is unfortunate because they miss out on all the talent. Of course we want to reach out to other places where the music scene is a lot more active, but this is where we are from. The only people who can save CT’s music scene, or rather grow it, are us—all the bands. There’s still hope!

Onna: What’s your favorite part about playing together?

Georgia: My favorite thing about playing together is our relationship off the stage. We are really close outside of the band. These guys are great people with great hearts and to have the honor of playing music with them is amazing. It’s good to be able to look to my left and right and see my best friends rocking out. It makes me want to do this for a living even more when the right people are around me.


Onna: Would you ever like to collaborate with artists in the future?

London Eyes: We collaborated with Matt Carlson from A Will Away on our EP Habits and it was really cool to have someone so talented on a track. The experience is one that we definitely want to have again with other artists. Not sure who we would want to work with specifically, but no matter who it is it’s always cool to see what someone else brings to the table.


Onna: If you could add another instrument to London Eyes, what would it be and why?

Thomas: Right now I think what we’re trying to do is implement more technology behind the music. That being synths, bass drops, 808’s. Music is moving in an electronic direction and when bands can implement that in their music I think it’s pretty sick.


Onna: What are your plans for the near future? Any tours coming up?

London Eyes: Our future plans involve releasing more music and just playing out more. We were just on tour this summer and we’re definitely looking to do that again next year. Right now we’re trying to focus on writing to hopefully put out a new EP in the near future.