Spit-Take is a three-piece DIY punk band. Originally forming in Willimantic, they have now relocated south to New Haven, Connecticut. With only three members, they have mastered the crunchy garage vibe without losing their own energetic pop-punk flair. To listen to their newest album, Queen’s Pawn Game, check out their BandCamp or like them on Facebook. These questions are answered by Joe, the lead singer and guitarist.


Onna: When did you form Spit-take? What inspired you to make music together?

Joe: We all first talked about it in the spring of 2013! Dan and I were driving to upstate New York for a show our other band was playing and I mentioned wanting to start a project that could cover “Bit Part” by The Lemonheads. The first practice with Maggie was probably in April and then we played a show late in July.  All along the idea was to be in a close-knit band that would practice all the time, record a full-length record, and make it to the West Coast eventually. We did that stuff in the summer of 2014 and have been truckin’ ever since. I think we all like the idea of being in a band that is expressive and intentional, but still fun! I’m inspired by friends that are trying to do the same thing.

Onna: Who writes your songs? What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?

Joe: I do! I guess the main themes are confusion and loneliness, but just cuz those feeling tend to stoke the creative process a little better than some of the happier ones. Our new LP is gonna have a love song or two on it, but those ones are still kinda strange and awkward to write!


Onna: How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?

Joe: I dunno – Maybe we have all gotten a little better at playing our instruments? Or that we are driven to try newer and weirder things now that we’ve recorded some of the “low-hanging fruit??” Personally, I have been trying to write one catchy chorus for two-and-a-half years and I am still kinda chasing that dream, haha.

[soundcloud id=’236493873′]

Onna: Where have you performed? What are your favorite and least favorite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows?

Joe: We mostly play house shows and DIY venues, but a couple of bars here and there! Probably one of the weirdest shows we have ever played was at a skate-park in rural South Carolina that some child actor kid owned. The perennial favorite venue is Willimantic Records in Willimantic, CT! This is a list of upcoming shows that we don’t keep updated very well: http://thespit-takeblog.tumblr.com/shows


Onna: What are your thoughts on the CT music scene?

Joe: Oof, hard question. I think there are a lot of chumps in Connecticut punk, but that definitely isn’t unique to our state! Really, I am just proud of the group of bands & buddies that we have surrounded ourselves with in New Haven and Willimantic. That being said, I am frequently surprised (in a pleasant way!) to find groups of genuinely nice people making things happen in far-flung corners of the state.


Onna: If each band member could be represented as a specific food, what would they be and why?

Joe: My gut reaction here is a fried egg – I just broke vegan recently after 6-ish years and started eating vegetarian stuff again. Eggs are weird and kinda gross, but also pretty cool. Maybe that is an accurate description of me.