From the desk of Asst. Music Director Dan Manning 

We didn’t get quite as much in this week as we normally do, but the stuff we did get was very cool. To kick things off, we have the new album from Krill, “A Distant Fist Unclenching”. Krill are a grungy, indie rock band from Massachusetts who are on the ever-impressive label Exploding In Sound Records. Their new record is full of noodly indie rock jams with some cool post-punk influence thrown in there.

In addition to that we have new stuff from King Woman, an album that combines elements of darker shoegaze and slowcore and features some really cool dark, droney tracks. This album is out on The Flenser and is as dark and dreary as you’d expect a release from them to be.
**= push *= recommend

Krill* A Distant Fist Unclenching Indie-grunge pop from MA. Weird, dynamic vocals and instrumentals that range from noodly indie rock to punishing post punk. Really cool and really unique. Never doubt Exploding In Sound. FCC clean. Exploding In Sound
King Woman* Doubt Slow, abrasive, droney, hypnotic. Definite elements of shoegaze and slowcore mixed into this. RIYL Jesu, HANL, dark versions of Mazzy Star or Slowdive. Play 1 and 2. The Flenser
Jeff Rosenstock* We Cool? Former Bomb the Music Industry! If you like them, you’ll dig this. Pop-punk songs about drinking, getting old, and friends moving. Cool varying instrumentals throughout (last song has a clarinet outro). Try 1,6,7,12. RIYL: Bomb The Music Industry! Side One Dummy
Dan Deacon Gliss Riffer Fun, frenetic, repetitive electronic music that concentrates on more textures and sounds than hooks, but in a good way! I really like 1,3,4,5. RIYL: Hot Chip, Animal Collective, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Caribou. FCC clean. Domino
Brad Reiman Walking In the Unknown Pop ballads from a singer-songwriter with cliché relationship issues. Over simplified lyrics. No musical boundaries pushed. Lots of piano. Self-released
New Human How to Stop Time Had an interesting sound. It’s not terrible, but the songs didn’t keep my attention. Self-released
Chelan Equal Under Pressure Good. Self-released
Star Time Intl Made Violent Well played and produced rock in the style of early-2000s rock revival. Radio friendly and car commercial ready. RIYL: The Strokes. Try 1,2,5. Self-released
Torche Restarter Sludge metal at a fast pace. HUGE guitar sound and pummeling drums. For fans of big sounded rock. Metal in the context that things are heavy. Great hooks too! Play 1,4,6,9. FCC clean. Relapse
Thee Satisfaction Earthee Afro-centric hip hop/RnB affiliated with Shabazz Palaces in Seattle. Futuristic, spacey beats with melodic, yet slightly monotone vocals. Has some pretty cool grooves. LOTs of FCC violations. RIYL: Shabazz Palaces. FCC 2,3,4,5,7,10 Sub Pop
Kate Pierson Guitars and Microphones Has an 80s sounding vibe. Sounds exactly like the B-52s. Female vocals, great guitar beat. Recommend tracks 2,3,6. Lazy Meadow
Heavy Love Duke Garwood Bluesy folk with a somber voice for a guy with a somber face. T2 is cool, no real gems. Heavenly Recordings
Moon Duo Shadows of the Sun Pretty standard Sacred Bones records fair: droning, psychedelic, repetitive riffs. Literally one riff repeates through an entire song without changing. Totally free floating and out there. Check out previos stuff. RIYL: Suicide. Sacred Bones