bob and jer

Anyone that is into concert photography likely has seen a picture or two of Bob Minkin’s at some time or place. Especially if you’re into the Grateful Dead, or the more recent Bay Area music scene, you’re sure to have seen some of Bob Minkin’s work. With a portfolio of work spanning more than 40 years, Bob Minkin recently decided to publish a book of his most beloved photos of the many Grateful Dead concerts he attended. His new book is “Live Dead: Photographs by Bob Minkin.”

According to Bob, his book “captures the essence of the Dead including peak moments from their concerts at dozens of venues such as Red Rocks, Winterland, Radio City, Capitol Theater, Europe ’81 and so many more… Also includes behind-the-scenes stories of many of the images captured and tales from the road — experiences every Deadhead can relate too.”

On Sunday, Nov. 16, around the 8 o’clock hour, Crystal Hayes will present her interview with photographer Bob Minkin. Crystal chats with Bob about his book, and (what else but) the Grateful Dead.

If you can, join Crystal on Sunday, Nov. 16, during the RustyString Cafe, only on WHUS 91.7 and