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The new low-end iMac ($1099 from Apple) isn’t really worth your time, we decided. The 21.5 inch box is the internals of a Macbook Air in an iMac. For basic work it’d be fine, but we’d recommend checking out ChromeOS if most of what you’re doing is in the web.

Next off, Android Wear released today, will it take off? Jason doesn’t think it will, and doesn’t want it to. I like the idea of smartwatches with the sizes of current phones, but I’d much rather have a smaller phone.

We addressed a question from a user about the aspect ratio of your computer screen being out-of-sync. Start the recording about 30 minutes in for that discussion.

Ouya, who brought you the $99 Android-powered gaming console (and the second-most-funded Kickstarter project ever), just announced an all-access pass for games for the console. For $60, you’ll get a coupon code that will make all games for the device free for the next year. There’s been no announcement regarding the long-term existence of this service, as it’s been announced as only being available “for a limited time.”

Quite a bit of digital rights news this week, but we chose to focus on the UK’s Child Safety filter, the nationwide opt-out internet filter now blocking 20% of the world’s 100,000 most popular websites. Jason and I were in agreement that it’s definitely a problem, check out the recording for the full discussion.

We rounded off the show with a couple of minutes on games. Jason talked about season two of the Walking Dead game, and I spent a quick thirty seconds on Goat Simulator before we were out of time.

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