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Mike was out this week, but Jason and I hit the ground running with promises that we’ll take a look at all of the Chromecast apps that have been released over the past year. That’s right, Google’s streaming stick, the Chromecast, turned one last week. I have to admit, I use mine mainly for Netflix, and Jason for Netflix and Google Play music, but we’ll be bringing you some of the latest and greatest Chromecast apps over the next couple of weeks. The discussion, though, was of Google’s offering of 90 days of Google Play All Access, their music streaming service, to any and all Chromecast owners. All you have to do is connect to the same network as your Chromecast, and head on over to

MeshedSites is a Firefox plugin that lets you load websites over Bittorrent Sync. Rather than pulling files from a central server, the plugin adds a known “sync key” to your computer and you become a peer for the site, helping to distribute it to all who try to access. This lessens the load put on any one central server, and ensures that content will remain available if the originating device is turned off or goes down.

We talked a bit about the latest iOS decryption scandal, whereby anyone with access to a device your iOS device has synced to can access the data on the device. While you need physical access to both the phone (or iPad) and the computer, it’s still a major security flaw. There’s also no way to know what devices are “trusted” or to untrust them.

Want to support open access to the internet? Check out They’re in phase one of their open wireless internet initiative, but they’ve got big things in the works. And, if you’re getting rid of an old computer, Jason explains how to make sure your data is irretrievably destroyed first. Here’s how one guy did it, but you don’t have to go to these extremes.

Other than a short segment on the recent Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act, we rounded out the show with a narration of this YouTube clip (warning: language). Let us know what you think, at

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