Baltimore, MD synth pop group are poised to break out into the big time with their powerhouse of an album, Singles. The instrumentals provide an environment for lead singer Samuel Herring to destroy with his powerful, emotion-filled vocals. This album grips the heart and will never let go, not that anyone would want it to.

This is their fourth album in their eight plus year career and it seems that this is the one that is causing them to ignite as they hurtle into the blogosphere. Two of their previous albums, In The Evening Air and On the Water received pretty ample blog and publication attention with some stellar singles like “Tin Man” and “Balance.” With the newest album, the band is poised to assert that every song on the album could be justifiably a single, which isn’t too far off.

These songs all contain some part about them that sticks out from the other but are stuck together by the continuity of the instrumentals and the ferocity of Herring’s vocals. The one complaint I have about the record is that the instrumentals are a bit lackluster compared to the vocals and the backgrounds tend to blend and fade over time.

Overall, this album is an exhilarating ride that you should definitely get into!

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