So after what might have been the lamest almost Nor’easter to ever hit us, I have something to bring your spirits up from the no snow days blues. We have new Eagulls, Speedy Ortiz, and Have a Nice Life. Check out the reviews from New Music Committee below.

** = Push   * = Recommend

Eagulls* Eagulls EP Killer post-punk with ferocious vox, tight instrumentation and cool grooves. Sticks to the genres sound well – nothing too new but still catchy. RIYL: Holograms, Weeknd Partisan Records
Have a Nice Life* The Unnatural World Post-rock; post-metal. Great post-rock album. Very concise, and creates a great atmospheric vibe. RIYL: Godspeed, Joy Division Flenser Records
Speedy Ortiz* Real Hair Jagged alt-rock with 90’s sounding guitars. Killer guitar work with very audible vocals. This group rules and is very accessible. Rec #1,2,4 Carpark
Band of Horses Acoustic at the Ryman Combines indie acoustic with a country twang. Try #2,4,10 Brown Records
Beauty Heart A. Kanute’s Comin’ Round Similar to Animal Collective, Jagwar Ma, or Fool’s Gold. Tropical, warm, jittery, psych-pop. Nusic Sounds
Bigtree Bonsai Awoken Catchy indie rock with classic vox and encapsulating folky melodies. Produced by some big names and the quality shows. Try #1,2,6 FCC #9 Self-Released
Daytona Daytona For indie rock/pop. Lots of harmonizing vox. Strong percussion, interesting guitar jam sections. FCC Clean. Tr#1,2,7 RIYL: Local Natives, Vampire Weekend Ernest Jennings Record Co.
Dum Dum Girls Too True A faster-paced, higher tempo work than previous entries. Less lo-fi and more rock. Try #2,6 Sub pop
Gardens &Villa Dunes Flutey filled synth pop. Good sound but songs tend to blend into one another. #2,3 Secretly Canadian
Gem Club In Roses Minimal, ethereal piano and strings. Relaxing and somber going for an emotional effect get somewhat bland. Hardly Art
Gunther Doug Gunther Doug Reverb-y garage rock with a small hint of country. Try #12,4 FCC Clean Self-Released
Illum Sphere Ghosts of Then and Now Downtempo electronic with soulful vocal samples. Piano and other live instrumentartion dispersed throughout. RIYL: Bonobo, Burial FCC Clean Self-Released
Juan Wauters North American Poetry Singer-songwriter from NY. Reminds me of a cheaper version of Daniel Johnston. Acoustic songs. Captured Tracks
Lee Bannon Alternate/Endings Jungle/drum n bass inspired bass music – venry atmospheric at points with chopped up vocal samples, then is amped up with a break beat. Try #1,4,6,7,9 Self-Released
Lovelife XXX Very techno poppy. Fast paced mildly autotuned vox. Most songs backed by a strongdrum beat. Try #3,4 Self-Released
Mayors of Liberty Dream On Bluesy alternative vibe, but the slow vox and bland instrumentals sort of turn me off. Brick Lane Records
Mogwai Rave Tapes Smooth post rock with a great feel of electronic music. Easy listening. Sub pop
Mt. Royal Mt. Royal Unique female vox over driving and heavy indie rock instrumentals. FCC Clean. Try #1,3,4 RIYL: Beach House, Wild Belle Never Better
Neil Finn Dizzy Heights Art rock. Sounds like a softer version of Spoon. Prominent, nicely layered vocals. Try #2,6,8 Lester Records
New War New War Post-punk that’s pretty dark and moody. Sharp instrumentation and bold vox. ATP
Orthy E.M.I.L.Y Low key synth pop with some dreamy textures. Rippling synths and strong beats Try: #1,3 RIYL Cut Copy, LCD Soundsystem Dither Down
Pigeon Selttle In Brisbane electro pop/dance. This groups music is brilliantly diverse, blending old and new electronic sounds, both funky and heavy. Try #1,2,5 Self-Released
PT Walkley Shoulders Happy/upbeat complete with background singers and fanfare trumpets. Rock that’s a little over the top. Bathing Suit Records
Snowmine Dialects Dreamy pop rock with 80’s synth inspired electronics. Interesting dynamic high vox. RIYL: Bear In Heaven, Beach House Mystery Buildings
The Districts The Districts Generic indie rock with normal jangly guitars and groggy vox. RIYL: The White Stripes, The Strokes Fat Possum Records
The Hidden Cameras Age Orchestral indie pop with ambient/atmospheric noises in the background to add to the songs. Rec #8 Evil Evil
The New Mendicants Into the Lime Slow and almost boring older sounding tunes. Songwriting doesn’t demand attention. Weak overall. FCC #6 Ashmont Records
The Noise FM Attraction Garage rock sounds. Tracks sound the same. Try #2,7 Self-Released
The Pack A.D. Do Not Engage Pretty good girl version of the black kegs but more serious and dark. Nettwerk
The Premiere Antennae Electro-rap duo, male vox. One guy raps, the other does chorus(es). Production isn’t bad, but the singing and odd lyrics leave much to be desired. Try #1,4,6 Self-Released
The Rebel Set How to Make a Monster! Straight rock n roll/surf rock with a trippy vibe. RIYL: Black Lips Silver Hornet Records
Toy Join the Dots Repetitive. Really bad version of on the run by Pink Floyd. Never Better
Twintapes Fast Forward Brooklyn electro-pop group, male vox. Warm and groovy main single with chunky guitar and catchy lyrics. Self-Released
Various Artists Sweetheart Various artists cover their favorite love songs with their own style. Try #1,4 FCC Clean Head Music

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