Henry Stanton – General Manager

1. “Let’s Start Here”, Lil Yachty.

2. “Halo”, Bakar

3. “FORWARD”, Jordan Ward

4. “Black Classical Music”, Yussef Dayes

5. “Gumbo”, Young Nudy

Jason McMullan – Program Coordinator

1. “The Omnichord Real Book”, Meshell Ndegeocello

2. “Enigmatic Society”, Dinner Party

3. “Desire, I Want To Turn Into You”, Caroline Polacheck

4. “Glorious Game”, El Michels Affair and Black Thought

5. “Ghibli and Nostalgic Moments”, Joe Hisaishi

Guilherme C. Tinoco – Music Director

1. “Crying, Laughing, Waving, Smiling” – Slaughter Beach, Dog
Jake Ewald’s lyricism more than ever eludes the we-got-to-get-out-of-this-town rhetoric that haunts artists with emo/punk adjacent roots. And yet, despite its heavy pull towards classic Americana and blues rock, modern references anchor and reassure the record’s fresh presence among the group’s vast repertoire. It’s the usual vivid word play and experiments with instrumentation that help Slaughter Beach, Dog create a gentle, easy rockin’ ode to settling down. 

2. “Cartwheel” – Hotline TNT
An unabridged fuzzfest. Artists often compromise between walls of sounds and compelling lyrics, but Hotline TNT does both and it is catchy as hell.

3. “Formal Growth In The Desert” – Protomartyr
Formal Growth in the Desert truly honors the cryptic nature of its title, as the metaphor can easily refer to so many of its aspects. It is Protomartyr’s usual interpolation of personal and widespread tragedy now synthesized with their earnest attempt at a hopeful outlook.

4. “Brand New Soul” – Angel Du$t
Brand New Soul has it all. It is fast and melodic, full and simple, angry and funny all at the same time. Very aggressive indeed.

5. “Rabbit Rabbit” – Speedy Ortiz
Sadie Dupuis is a motherfucking genius.

David Mangahis – Assistant Music Director

1. “Dogsbody” – Model/Actriz
Model/Actriz’s debut album Dogsbody shows a promising band with electrifying instrumentals, pulsing rhythms, and unique vocals that can make a similar sound feel entirely new.

2. “This Is Why” – Paramore
Paramore’s latest album shows the band reinventing themselves once again within the post-punk revival genre while still putting out catchy melodies and introspective lyrics as they usually do.

3. “the record” – boygenius
the record shows the power of friendship as the three prolific indie singer-songwriters band together to make a collection of iconic songs while staying true to their introspective lyrics and strong harmonies as a group. 

4. “Meantime” – Slow Leaves
Meantime consists of many soothing and calming folk songs all throughout, making it one of the more cohesive and replayable albums of the year.

5.STRUGGLER” – Genesis Owusu
STRUGGLER is both a great concept album and a wonderful take on self-reflection and self-improvement while also providing one of the best dance-punk and R&B mix of songs this year.

Dylan Alderucci – Program Director

1. “Airborne Fantasy: Unlimited” – Lucia Beyond
Experimental electronic with classical influence. I met this artist at SXSW last year and her passion for life changed how I see my art and the world; I love her dearly. From her bandcamp:

“This album is about how I see the world, how I see myself, and how I want to see us, together, in the future. It’s an album about groundlessness, about imagination, and about promise. The time spent writing and working on this project was filled with intense disarray. In the past four years I transitioned. That change was, as many trans people will tell you, as emotional and spiritual as it was physical. I found moments of searing growth, and then of overwhelming love. And so I wrote about all of it. About loneliness and togetherness, about making and releasing connections, about trying to make amends, and trying to forgive. These are songs that mean everything to me and I hope they come to mean something to you as well. Thank you.”

2. “Princess Forever” – Dreamer Isioma
R+B with electronic / experimental influence. I feel this music in my bones. It flows well, and is mixed beautifully (shoutout to Saint Lewis). The sounds just feel perfectly balanced. It’s a very calm, gentle, spiritual, and loving listen.

3. “Strongboi” – Strongboi
AGH!!! I LOVE ALICE PHOEBE LOU!!!!!!!! Her solo album from this year, Shelter, was a sweet and beautiful testament to her growth and self-love. But, the sultry sounds of Strongboi (a collaboration between her and Ziv Yamin) just take my breath away like nothing else. The bubbling, textured sounds which back the vocals make me feel like I’m floating in water. Alice’s vocals are pure passion. It’s a gentle, blissful listen.

4. “648 Funk Block” – Funky Fais
Listen, man. One thing about me is I will always hype up the homies. Funky Fais is a beloved community member, artist, former venue-runner, and friend. This album encapsulates the energy musicians and music-lovers alike shared in his basement, the Funkhaus, through the 2022-23 year. It is very near and dear to my heart.The flow is scrumptious, the beats are immaculate, and the sounds all refreshingly unique. 

5. “I Might Start Smoking” – Fionn
Pop with experimental electronic and folk influences. This new album has more electronic finishes in production, and overall leans more heavily into pop than earlier work (their Everyone’s A Critic EP remains my favorite). I saw them perform 3 of the then-unreleased tracks on this album at SXSW and so I was chomping at the bit for the next 3 months waiting for them to put them out. Some tracks are skips for me but overall the album is cohesive and vibrant. 

Lorena Vega – Multimedia Director

  • “This Is Why” – Paramore
    An insane return to the scene after a nearly 6 year hiatus, truly a no skip album.
  • “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” – Taylor Swift
    A masterclass in pop music gets revived with the addition of 5 vault tracks that tie the album off with a red lipstick kiss.
  • “GUTS” – Olivia Rodrigo
    Olivia Rodrigo reads my personal journal again and writes an album about it, who’s surprised?
  • “Get Up (EP)” – NewJeans
    Crazy strong EP from this 4th gen K-Pop group that dominated the social sphere.
  • “Cuts & Bruises” – Inhaler 
    Irish rock band named after the only medication I use released an album that required me to use said medication.

Thalia Salmon – Assistant Multimedia Director

  • “the record” – boygenius
  • “All of this will end” – Indigo de Souza
  • “jazz is for ordinary people” – berlioz
  • “The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We” – Mitski
  • “Get Up (EP)” – NewJeans

Jonathan Kopeliovich – Training Director

  • “The Loveliest Time” – Carly Rae Jepsen
  • “3D + 4D Country” – Geese
  • “Beloved! Paradise! Jazz?!” – McKinley Dixon
  • “Quest For Fire” – Skrillex
  • “Desire, I Want To Turn Into You” – Caroline Polachek
  • “Delusional” – Dev Lemons

Henry St. Pierre – Assistant Training Director

1. “Beloved! Paradise! Jazz?!” – McKinley Dixon

2. “Calm Ya Farm” – The Murlocs

3. “Echo Palace” – Iguana Death Cult

4. “Scaring the Hoes” – JPEGMAFIA, Danny Brown

5. “HELLMODE” – Jeff Rosenstock 

Graham (D’Archive)

1. “The Enduring Spirit” – Tomb Mold
Punishing Outer Space Death Metal with enough prog interludes to both expand the genre but also ground it with the traditional elements that any Tampa scenester could lock the casket to.

2. “Weathervanes” – Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
If there is an artist that can wring their soul out across two decades and compel his intergenerational listeners to sit still and listen to a story teller this year, it’s Jason Isbell.

3. “The Rime of Memory” – Panopticon
Austin Lund is still bringing the fury from the north woods through loon calls and rustic wind instruments while lamenting the frozen rootbound crypt beneath winter’s prosthetic embrace.

4. “Fuse” – Everything But The Girl
Feels like they have been making music all this time without showing anyone, the record is as updated and yet consistent with their sound from the aughts as any well practiced collaboration.

5. “Sword & Circuitry” – Quest Master
Keeps the dungeon crawl alive and well. 

Amy Orlomoski (Bluegrass Café)

1.  “People, Places & Songs” – Greg Blake
One of three CD releases for this year from the warm-voiced, International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) Male Vocalist of the Year for 2023.  

2.  “Music In My Soul” – High Fidelity
Bluegrass gospel at its finest, filled with delightful harmonies and great instrumentation.

3.  “Let Time Ride” – Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers
More solid, mostly traditional Bluegrass from this Ohio-based band.

4.  “It’s Just Me” – Larry Sparks
Slightly mistitled, as this is actually Hall of Famer Sparks backed by his own guitar and his son playing the bass.

5.  “City Of Gold” – Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway
Here’s another potential Grammy Award-winner from the IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year and her wonderful band.  

Ben (New Platitude Radio)

1. “Utopia” – Travis Scott
An epic tour de force of atmospheric production and feature curation, boasting both thumping hits and introspective jams.

2. “Scaring the Hoes” – JPEGMAFIA, Danny Brown
Off-the-wall bars from two of rap’s most wacky, terminally online figures over some of the most creative sampling this year.

3. “The Great Escape” – The Alchemist, Larry June
My favorite of The Alchemist’s many releases this year, Larry’s laid back, effortless flows fit perfectly into the 808-less pockets crafted by The Alchemist’s samples.

4. “Kaytramine” – Kaytramine
Infectious, energetic, and full of life, this quintessentially summer album from the rapper-producer duo of Kaytranada and Amine will leave you wanting more than its 33 minute runtime.

5. “Unreal Unearth” – Hozier
Hozier’s Irish croon strikes a chord as he floats over these tracks, showing off his range and versatility on his third studio album. 

HYSTERICA (Rock’n’Roll Radio)

  • “Good Living Is Coming For You”- Sweeping Promises
  • “Taken By Force” – CIVIC
  • “Stepping Stones”- Doe St
  • “Games of Power” – Home Front
  • “What’s On TV?” – Tee Vee Repairman

DJ Sofiji (Pink Flow Radio Show)

1. “Never Enough” – Daniel Caesar 
A no skip album for me, a special piece of work. 

2. “Space Heavy” – King Krule 
Really grew on me, insanely and strangely comforting sound for me now. 

3. “Lovesick” – Don Toliver 
Bangers on bangers. Second half of the album was especially amazing. 

4. “Vida Cotidiana” – Juanes 
An unexpected but very welcomed comeback for this 90s Colombian rock star. 

5. “Covered in Hether” – Hether 
These covers couldn’t have been done better. It was like he revived these songs with such a refined style. 

DJ Nick (Purple Studios)

1. “the record” – boygenius

2. “VOIR DIRE” – Earl Sweatshirt, The Alchemist

3. “Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd” – Lana Del Rey

4. “10,000 gecs” – 100 gecs

5. “Burning Desire” – MIKE

DJ Mikha (For The Record)

1. “Forward” – Jordan Ward
I discovered Jordan Ward at a Smino/JID concert and I’m so glad I did! His sound is so unique (plus he’s a really good dancer and has immaculate style).

2. “Calico” – Ryan Beatty
I normally don’t gravitate towards slower and more emotional albums, but this album seriously changed me. I’ve been obsessed individually with literally every song off it. 

3. “In the End It Always Does” – The Japanese House
This is a super pretty album (I will admit I am biased because you can totally see the 1975 influence down to the title)

4. “This Is Why” – Paramore
I was super happy to see Paramore go back to their rock roots after their last album. This album definitely has more of a mature vibe though, which I like.

5. “Fountain Baby” – Amaarae
This album, in my opinion, is so underrated. Every song has a different style yet the album still sounds cohesive!

Lily (Kill Yr Idols)

  • Scaring the Hoes – JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown
    A barrage to the senses in the best possible way. Experimental rap like you’ve never heard.
  • Greg Mendez” – Greg Mendez
    My favorite new edition to the “sad man, acoustic guitar” genre.
  • The Giant’s Lawn – Wurld Series
    Great fuzz-tinged Indie Rock from New Zealand. 
  • Bird Machine” – Sparklehorse
    The bittersweet posthumous release from the late Mark Linkous, assembled from Linkous’s final recordings with iconic producer/sound engineer Steve Albini.
  • Why Does the Earth Give Us People to Love?” – Kara Jackson
    An incredibly intimate folksy debut from poet and songwriter Kara Jackson.

Autumnal Equinox (Small Talk From Small Towns / Indie Music Hour)

1. “Cracker Island” – Gorillaz

2. “So Much (For) Stardust” – Fall Out Boy

3. “Pachinko” (Single) – Raspberry Pie

4. “It’s Black Friday, Charlie Brown” – Louie Zong

5. “Happy Ever After” (Single) – NEONI

Mike Pacholski & John Hurchala (As The Polka Turns)

  • “Jedzie Boat with RBO” – The Rich Bobinski Orchestra

Evan (Odd Cabinet)

1. “Sator Arepo” – Judgitzu
Nothing short of insane BPMs and mixtures of musical forms from around the world that truly pushes the limits of what music fit for the dancefloors can achieve.

2. “Signs” – Purelink
A simple masterclass in ambient dub techno to let completely wash over you, while occasional bursts of tiny sounds compete for your attention.

3. “Absent” – Nac/Hut Report
Some beautiful glitchy soundscapes from Polish musicians Nac/Hut Report, but in a more ambient context using nothing but samples of shortwave radio signals from around the world with some lovely Cocteau Twins-esque vocals.

4. “Autonomie Minérale” – Tachycardie
A fascinating mixture of naturalistic and synthetic avant-garde percussion come together in such a seamless and sonically cohesive form.

5. “*1” – Rắn Cạp Đuôi
A maximalist mixture of sound collages and every genre of electronic music under the sun wrapped up with some traditional Vietnamese instrumentation. Watch their Boiler Room set if you haven’t!

DJ Gabe Oyfriend (Playing With Mommy’s Makeup)

  • “Fountain Baby” – Amaarae
  • “The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We” – Mitski
  • “Javelin” – Sufjan Stevens
  • “Powders” – Eartheater
  • “the record” – boygenius (because duh)

DJ Sabai Jai (Paradigm Shift)

1. “Otherbody” – Dazy
Short album with crunchy guitar sounds and no skips.

2. “Cracker Island” – Gorillaz
Damon Albarn continues to develop Gorillaz sounds, and the record has amazing features.

3. “Knower Forever” – Knower
The back half of this album has me floating. 

4. “the record” – boygenius 
Supergroup is overused to describe them, but also an understatement for this group.

5. “Black Classical Music” – Yussef Dayes 
I usually don’t like mostly instrumental albums, but the drum grooves on this album are too good to pass up on.

Jimmy T (The Sugar Shack)

  • “Heat Comes Down” – John R. Miller
  • “Valley of Heart’s Delight” – Margo Cilker
  • “Wronger” – Cowboys in the Campfire
  • “2” – The Third Mind
  • “24th Street Blues” – Tom Heyman
  • “You’ve Got to Learn – Live at Newport 1966” – Nina Simone
  • “Can We Do Tomorrow Another Day?” – “Galen & Paul”
  • “Country Coming Down” – Paul Cauthen
  • “Day of the Doug” – Son Volt
  • “Tim (Expanded Edition)” – The Replacements
  • “Diré” – Idrissa Soumaoro