This past September, I had the pleasure of attending the Andalucía BIG Festival, based out of Málaga, Spain, and got to talk to/take pictures of a girl group based out of Granada, Spain (where I am currently studying abroad!) that call themselves “Las Dianas”.

Not only do these girls sing, but all of them study at the University of Granada, with majors ranging from physics all the way to marketing.

When I asked them to describe their music in one phrase, a few jokingly said “lo que te pide el cuerpo” which is the name of a song they have, literally meaning “what the body asks of you . “Irony’ and “Fun” were also thrown out. 

In explaining their songwriting, they described the process as a sort of “laughter therapy”, starting with one (more or less funny) idea, then spiralling from there.

After sharing some laughs over their funniest memory together as a group (which may or may not involve a police run in and arriving 45 minutes late to a soundcheck), they also told me their favorite city they have performed in: Tenerife, Spain. 

“No one had gone before, we got to fly on a plane, and there were so many people that knew our songs and were dancing to them” Laura explained.

And, here are some pictures of them playing and some portraits as well! These girls are so multifaceted, fun, talented, and are clearly going to go far. Such a delight to talk to, and such a warm welcome to Spain.

You can follow them on instagram @lasdianas_ and twitter at the same username!

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