The pop band COIN, (whose members include Chase Lawrence as lead singer, Ryan Winnen on drums, Joe Memmel on guitar, and Matt Martin as touring bass), performed at the Toyota Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, Connecticut on September 24 as a part of their 2022 Uncanny Valley Tour.

Initially formed in 2012, the band gained popularity with upbeat singles, Run, in 2015 and Talk Too Much in 2016. The boyish singer, Miloe, opened for the group with a killer rock set. Whipping his locs as he head-banged during breakdowns, he and his band amped up the excitement among the crowd of teens and 20-somethings. With some songs only lasting around two minutes in length, the band ended their 6 song performance by laughing: “Okay, we broke our strings so we’re done.”

“I thought it was impossible for us to play a venue like this, but here we are! Thank you so much”.

Chase Lawerence

The stage crew then quickly set up the main event’s playful set. With the name of their latest album being an name of a landscape, bathed in red light, the stage was adorned with green hills decorated with flowers and a huge ladybug approaching the drum set. COIN arrived with lively energy and that matched the audience. The dome instantly became deafening as the band opened with Learning. Lawrence wasted no time with the acrobatics; from jumping and dancing across the small stage–to climbing up the stage structure during Crash My Car– it was unknown where his limits were.

Photo courtesy of Shanice Rhule/WHUS

Lights and visual are an important part of any show or concert, they can portray the emotion the artist want to depict and can add another level of creativity, however, sometimes it can also be too much. But, this was not the case. The artful of use of the lighting was something you’d wouldn’t want to look away from. The two singular purple hue lights during Let It All Out and their graphic stating “You ever love something so much it hurts?” during Into My Arms are just some examples of great stage design.

Albeit a small fan base, fans of COIN are a dedicated bunch. The Oakdale only providing GA seating, the line outside almost surrounded the entire building before the doors opened. Once inside, the dome felt a sunny day at your local park or beach: fans sitting against the wall, lying on the floor, chatting with friends, and couples dancing, it was like seeing a family reunion that you wish could be a part of. But maybe that’s what COIN brings to the table? A intangible sense of familiarity that we can share with others that we may not know but can bond with.

Best Songs to Catch Live: Crash My Car, Let It Out, Malibu 1992

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