12 novembre 2021 à Somerville, MA

spill tab & oatmilk

Claire Chica (spill tab) is so cool. I have never heard her music prior to seeing her perform. Her voice reminds me of Billie Eilish – soft and airy with personality and bite. Some of her songs are in French, too, which I adore. Truly, spill tab is an artist I have added to my playlist collections. Indie, yet captivating. Oh, and spill tab is an oat milk connoisseur. Oh! And the bassist – Caleb Buchanan – slapped those frequencies and licks. Wonderful job.

JAWNY & honeypie

Jacob Lee-Nicholas Sullenger (JAWNY) is a natural born performer. The only song I heard of his prior to this concert was “Honeypie”, which was performed twice that night. JAWNY was joined on stage with Donny Electric on drums and Elli Ponomarenko on bass (a power trio). JAWNY’s discography is indie funk with sprinkles of punk and rock & roll. His music now exists in my playlist collections as well. Hats were thrown on stage. JAWNY got a cowboy hat as requested in one of his Instagram stories posted before the concert.

At JAWNY and spill tab, thank you for a lovely night of music and vibes. You both surprised me that night with your stage presence and musically gifted abilities. If this article finds you, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

<3 Liz