By Kyle Jackson

Inner Wave has never been a stranger to experimenting with digital implementation in their recordings. Previous work like Six AM expressed the group’s affinity for the abnormal instrumental style of most electronic artists, but maintains the fashion of a four-piece band. With their new EP wyd, Inner Wave finally sheds any fear of industry rejection by jumping down the electronic rabbithole. The result is a fabulous genre-blending experience, with its fair share of highs and lows. 

The first sounds heard on opener “Estrella” are glaring synthesizers that sound like something straight out of an 80’s alien movie. After evolving into a beat with drums, it’s instantly listenable as the vocals seamlessly glide over the rhythm. The entire song maintains a steady beat, and could be described as a new form of disco funk pop.

“Schemin,” continues the trend of moody synthesizers and integrates them well into the chorus of the track. The tone of these songs, and all of the songs, is practically identical. From an album perspective, I would say it dulls the experience, only because it lends itself to repetition in some cases.

“Cold Feet,” is very similar to “Schemin,” while “Poligamia” draws similarities to the opener “Estrella.” The EP’s main issue is there isn’t much variation in song structure. That being said, the song structure is distinctly bedroom pop, helping the genre blend of funk and electronic more palpable to general bedroom pop fans. I find this hurts the project more than it helps it. However, that might just be because I enjoy all three genres Inner Wave is attempting to emulate, and sort of see through it. 

I would say the last track, ironically titled “The Beginning,” does the most to shake up the formula. By changing vocal distortions and finding new ways to crush synthesizers, the band only seemed to catch their stride at the close of the EP. 

Overall, wyd is a great concept. If there is more of this blend of genres from Inner Wave in the future, I will root for it until the very end. There is so much more to explore if they go into this direction. Although this project felt more like a tease than an actual execution of their vision, it still warrants a listen to discover what it means for the band going forwards. 

Rating: 6/10 

Best Track: “The Beginning.”