By Sarah Al-Arshani

Students showed off their traditional clothes, as Arabic, South Asian and Persian music played in the background of the Student Union Ballroom on December 6.

The newly formed UConn Middle Eastern Student Association hosted its first annual fashion show, where they showcased the traditional garb of 13 countries across the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.

The event also featured dance and musical performances, ranging from belly dancing to the ode, a traditional middle eastern instrument.

The event also featured a dinner, prior to the fashion open to the first 50 students who RSVP’d to attend the event. More than 100 showed up for the Fashion Show.

Before students walked the runway, a presenter spoke on positive and negative current events from each country represented.

Susan Naseri, President of MESA and a junior political science and human rights major event said the current events were meant to highlight what is happening in those countries and the privileges some have here.