By Jareliz Diaz

All roads led to the dome this weekend when huskies filled Gampel Pavilion to see performances from Khalid, PNB Rock, GrooveBoston and other artists at the University of Connecticut’s first ever UConnic music festival.

An estimated 3,000 students attended the festival which lasted from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Khalid was one of the performers of the music festival, among others. Photo: Jailynn Vidro

According to Rachel Philipson from the Daily Campus, Tory Lanez canceled his performance at UConn due to family issues but was spotted at Story Nightclub in Miami Beach, Florida. 

GoldLink, one of the most anticipated performers failed to show up without explanation leaving many of the students disappointed.

A sophomore at UConn, Brandon Bowles, said he was upset GoldLink failed to come.

“I was very disappointed GoldLink didn’t show up, but Khalid kind of saved the show,” Bowles said.

The line to get into the concert went past the UConn Recreation building and took about two hours for all the students to be seated.

There were security checks before entering the building as well as security by every aisle and entrance to make sure everything ran smoothly. 

PNB Rock sings to the crowd. Photo: Jailynn Vidro

Not only did students get to enjoy a concert but they also got to enjoy outdoor activities like food trucks, games and pop up shops.

A junior at UConn, Joao Viera, spoke about his excitement toward the festival.

“I’m expecting a great performance by Khalid because he’s one of my favorite artists. I think PNB Rock is going to be a pretty good performance.  I’m excited about the food trucks, MilkCraft is a really great ice cream place and i really like their cones, so I’m actually really excited about that,” Viera said.

A sophomore at UConn, Audrey DeMilo, also enjoyed other activities the festival offered.

“I thought the Food trucks were awesome, the food they served was really good, I got a bunch of free stuff which was is pretty nice,” DeMilo said.

Students cheer on the artists. Photo: Jailynn Vidro

The artists had the crowd cheering and full of energy throughout the show. Many of the students loved Khalid’s performance and how the artists interacted with them. The crowds were singing along and dancing as the artists performed.

DeMilo spoke about how much she enjoyed the show.

“I thought UConnic went really well, I thought all the artists did very very well. Khalid especially was amazing. I’m a little upset GoldLink didn’t show up, but I think they did a great job,” DeMilo said.

Khalid performed to a cheering crowd of UConn students. Photo: Jailynn Vidro