By Gabriele Esposito-Wilcock

Turnover made their long awaited return to Connecticut with large success at Toad’s place. Now with three albums under their belt it is safe to say that Turnover is constantly progressing and growing as a band. They played a mix of songs from all three albums. Their songs rotated from soft pop-punk, to emo-tinged alternative oriented shoegaze, to a more focused alternative sound with the soft approach of shoegaze. All of their songs sounded better live than the recordings, but the songs off of their newest album Good Nature shined especially. Those songs expanded beyond the boundaries of the album and for a time it felt like the room was floating in sweet tunes.

The crowd really seemed to enjoy Turnover’s performance. They went from swaying and watching in awe for the lighter songs to going crazy and moshing around for the songs that were just heavy enough. It was clear that they were just as eager for Turnover’s long awaited return as Turnover was to provide a great performance. To add to their performance and reference Good Nature they had a display on either side of the stage built of TV’s adorned with strings of fake leaves that played a series of images. The images including fruit, birds migrating, flowers, and other whimsical nature related imagery  connected to the sound and spirit of the music.


Photographs of the show:

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