By Jareliz Diaz 

Yesterday, SUBOG (Student Union Board of Governors) announced that Khalid, Tory Lanez and GrooveBoston will be performing for its first ever UConnic Music Festival. The concert will be on April 12.

SUBOG held an Artist release event that let students purchase pre-sale tickets, gave them the lineup, and provided students with a Q&A on what to expect at the festival.

SUBOG also announced they will be giving students who purchase tickets a chance to vote for another artist they would like to see perform at UConnic.

Those who purchase tickets will receive an email that will make the voting available to them.

A student opener will also be chosen to perform at the music festival by auditioning for the spot.

This year’s setlist decision was made through a survey that over 4,000 students participated in.

Concert chair members answering questions during the UConnic artist release event. Photo: Jailynn Vidro

Ryan Banigan, a member of the concert committee, said the committee wanted to include students when selecting the artists.

“I know in the years prior it’s been really tough to hit everyone’s interest, but by doing these surveys this year we got over 4,000 responses instead of having a committee of just 10 or 15 people. We wanted 4,000 plus to come together and give us their input,” Banigan said.

The R&B singer, Khalid received 75 percent of the votes within the student surveys.

“We did our job as the committee and the group to bring in the artist that you wanted to hear,” Banigan said.

The line of students waiting to purchase their pre-sale tickets. Photo: Jailynn Vidro

The event is not only a concert, but has an outdoor music festival that includes different outdoor activities, games and food trucks. Students who purchased tickets will have access to this starting at 6 p.m. until 11 p.m.

The concert chairman, Adam Sherif, said this year was a success when it came to selecting the artists.

The room reached maximum capacity leaving many students out the door hoping to get in. Photo: Jailynn Vidro

“We were able to get some beautiful options, in years past the situation ended where we were left with who we were left with, at least in this case we were able to get our top choice,” Sherif said.

SUBOG members expressed their excitement toward the event and are hopeful to see the outcome.

“Now we’re all very excited and very ambitious to do something of our own that will leave its mark for years to come,” Banigan said.