STORRS – Students at the University of Connecticut have organized fundraising efforts to help Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Maria.

One of the main initiatives is the UConn-endorsed  T shirt Fundraising Campaign for Puerto Rico, which began earlier this month.

Latino Medical Student Association President Cristina Valentin says even though the school of medicine started the campaign, the organizers encourage everyone to share it.

“The shirt is not specific to any UConn campus, so students from other UConn campuses can identify with it and support the cause,” Valentin says. “The goal is for this to reach many UConn campuses to show that we can all unite for Puerto Rico. “

UConn United for Puerto Rico is selling t-shirts featuring Jonathan the husky with the coquí, Puerto Rico’s national animal, and the island flag. The campaign has eight days left. Photo: UConn United for Puerto Rico

Valentin says the shirt sends a supportive message by depicting UConn’s mascot, Jonathan the husky with Puerto Rico’s national animal — the coquí — on its forehead.

She says that there is also the option to donate to the campaign without buying a shirt.

The initiative has sold 134 shirts and raised $2,720 so far. Eight days remain until the campaign finishes.

Campaign proceeds will go toward United for Puerto Rico, which is an initiative from Puerto Rico’s First Lady to help the island recover from the hurricane.


Donations to the campaign can be made here.

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