By Gabriele Esposito-Wilcock

Mandala is a local Connecticut band. They label themselves as: “sad music you can dance to” and it’s true. They are a fun alternative rock band with some sad lyrics. Every member of the band is musically gifted and they fit together as a unit. They’ve got an emotional lead singer, a wild lead guitar player who occasionally steals the show with his talent, a solid rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist with lots of energy, and a tight rhythm section.

Photos: Gabriele Esposito-Wilcock


Last Friday, September, 15th,  I had the pleasure of getting to see Mandala for the second time and getting to photograph them for the first. I almost didn’t get to see them. Their original venue for the night had a scheduling issue and could not support the show. Mandala wasn’t going to let that stop them from playing. Mandala has passion and drive that shows in their music and actions. In true DIY local scene fashion they pulled together a last minute show and played in a college kids basement that same night.

It was hot, sweaty, and the sound conditions were not ideal, but no one cared because they were there for the music. Mandala was happy to be playing a show and everyone in attendance was stoked to see some very cool local bands. At the end of the show the band’s drummer, Sean Connelly, came out from behind the drums and up to the mic. He thanked everyone for making the show happen; the owner of the house, the bands, the friends, and everyone else who came to the show. He thanked everyone for making the show possible because without them it may not have been. After this Mandala rejoiced in a group hug as a band. Not only are Mandala a super fun band to see with insane talent, but humble as well.


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