WHUS got the chance again to hear the sounds of Wise Old Moon in Studio Sessions. This Americana and roots rock band is out of the Hartford area in Connecticut. They have toured a bit around the North East including Connecticut, Woodstock, New York, and Burlington Vermont. They aim for a unique sound and plan to expand their tour route from the north and down into more southern states as well. Their sound will leave you feeling soothed and relaxed, they are definitely a must see when they are performing near you! Connor Zane Millican answered these questions.


Nicole: Where are you guys from?

Connor: We are from Hartford Connecticut, some of the members are from outside of Hartford, but we’re based out of Hartford, we practice there. Ian Meadows is from Chester Connecticut he lives in Guilford now. Greg Lake our bass player is from Bloomfield. Steve Cusano and I are both from Hartford.

Nicole: how did you guys come together as a band?

Connor: I formed Wise Old Mood in 2013 and we’ve had a few different members since then. Just through touring and working a lot we’ve picked up news guys along the way and great players have left and not been able to keep up with the touring schedule. So I’ve know Ian for quite a while we played on quite a few projects he has a great band called the Meadows Brothers with his brother. Steve’s been playing with us for about a year now. Greg has been working at a variety of music venues across the state we’ve performed at so he’s seen us play before and we’ve known him from mixing sounds at our shows. We’ve been playing together in this form for about 2 months now. Steve our drummer is our veteran.

Nicole: So the name of your band Wise Old Moon how did that come about?

Connor: It’s actually lyric to a song I’ve never put out before. Just the beginning of the song I was writing and when I sat down to come up with a name for a band I had a long list of different ideas and that one kind of stuck out to me.

Nicole: I saw you all tour a bit so do you have a favorite place to perform or one that sticks in your mind that you remember?

Connor: In our hometown we played the grand opening of a place called Infinity music hall, which is a 500-seat venue, and we had our album released there. We played at College Street Music Hall, which is a 2000 seat venue. We got to play at Beer Festival, which was sold out there that was really special. Woodstock New York is a cool place to play, Burlington Vermont. We travel to where we can find these pockets, in between a dive bar and music venue where we get people whom like our genre. Which has been a little bit of a challenge especially coming from Hartford there’s not much of a folk rock or Americana scene. We’ve really had to explore the North East.

Nicole: I was watching on your website the music video for “I’m not coming home” and I was just wondering what the inspiration behind that music video was?

Connor: A couple of friends of ours actually one who went to school Steven Bogdon, he actually worked with the radio station last year. He and our friend George Burgal we all took a trip up to Otis Elizabethtown New York, which is where a festival takes place each year. We went on to the property and filmed and kind of built this story as we were filming this video and traveling from Burlington Vermont to Elizabethtown New York we documented the trip. It was kind of a last minute thing but we’d been planned on shooting a music video to that song for a while that song stuck out to the director. It just kind of happened, it unfolded as it kind of happens in the video. Just a journey of a person, I guess you can’t tell if this woman is real or fake kind of by the end of it she kind of disappears but that’s my girlfriend Rachel and we just all organically came up with this idea so that there would feel like there is something happening besides great video and camerawork which I think Steve and George really pulled off I think.

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