By: George Bennett

Indie Pop, 4.3 stars

Zac Farro, the drummer of Paramore, is the sole member of the indie-pop band HalfNoise. Sudden Feeling is his third solo project under this moniker, with an EP and album already behind him.

However, according to Zac, Sudden Feeling “means more to [him] than any music [he’s] created,” which isn’t surprising for an album inspired by a breakup. What is surprising, though, is how upbeat and summery this breakup record feels. The only time the listener really picks up any sort of angsty feel is in the rightly-titled “Pictures of You,” the album’s slowest song. Barring this, the listener’s ears are constantly bombarded with high-tempo, wavy dance music.

In particular, the album’s second song, “Leaving,” has a truly eargasmic sound with a simple constant baseline, beautiful synths, and a crescendo at the end that will make it hard for anyone to sit still while listening to. Additionally, “Love you Back” is reminiscent of summer days with a Tame Impala Currents feel to it. It also showcases Zac’s vocal range, which, when  coupled with a looping high guitar riff, truly mesmerizes the listener. Finally, the single “Sudden Feeling” has a rather toned-down indie pop feel to it with a delightfully timed cut-out.

All in all, Sudden Feeling  is certainly HalfNoise’s best work to date and will leave fans eager for further releases.



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